What Is Weaponizing of the DOJ?


According to the Department of Justice (DOJ) website, its mission is “to uphold the rule of law, keep our country safe, and to protect civil rights,” regardless of the political party. But actions speak louder than words. The Raging Patriot is here to expose how the Biden administration is overstepping its bounds and weaponizing the DOJ against political opponents and shielding crimes they have committed.

Why does this matter, and why should you care? Friends, your civil rights and freedoms are at stake. If the DOJ is indeed weaponized by the Biden White House, like the Raging Patriot thinks it is, it could mean dire consequences for your civil rights and our freedoms as Americans.

In this article, you will learn the following:

What weaponization of the DOJ from the White House means
How it’s happening to the opposition party and the American people
What is the overall impact these actions have on the country


By nature, the DOJ was, and is, set up to be a force for the good of the country. Protecting Americans’ civil rights, prosecuting crimes of all kinds, and upholding the rule of law, are all that make the DOJ a cause for good.

Over 50 individual departments make up the DOJ, including the Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol, and Firearms, the Bureau of Drug Enforcement, Civil Rights and Human Trafficking, and the FBI, to name a few.

The sitting president must appoint the Attorney General. Joe Biden appointed Attorney General Merrick Garland. Due to this appointment, there is often speculation that the Attorney General’s opinions and actions are easily swayed by the party in power.

Thomas Jefferson once wrote about the DOJ that “The most sacred of the duties of government is to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens.” Based on this, it is Biden’s utmost responsibility to uphold the law of neutrality upon appointment. Furthermore, the actions the Attorney General and the DOJ take during the sitting president’s term should also remain unbiased.

However, as you will see below, there are numerous documented instances where the DOJ has been used explicitly by the Biden Administration to attack political opponents. These examples prove there is indeed a weaponized DOJ.

Regardless of the ruling party, the DOJ needs to remain neutral. When the party in power, no matter whether Republican or Democrat, abuses the use of the DOJ to attack political opponents and their supporters, it is overtly seen as weaponization.

Here are just a few examples of weaponization:

This case is the most recent and most notable abuse of the DOJ by the White House. A search warrant was finally released, but there is little proof to back up the warrant. The warrant claims it was attempting to obtain classified documents from the Trump estate but has yet to provide evidence.

Merrick Garland claims to have “personally approved” of the raid, but it appears to be heavily influenced by the Biden Administration. If the White House ordered the raid, then it’s a blatant misuse of power and is indeed weaponization. Otherwise, if not, it could be viewed as the DOJ acting responsibly.

However, since the White House refuses to answer any questions, it leads one to believe the former is true. Time will tell. Ultimately, the American public deserves full transparency.


Parents attending their local school board meetings to protest Critical Race Theory (CRT) are now labeled as “domestic terrorists” by the DOJ. They are seen as a “threat” to the school simply because they are concerned about what their children learn in the classroom.

Disagreement with a biased agenda and peacefully advocating for their children’s rights are now putting these parents at risk. It also calls into question American citizens’ First Amendment right to assemble.


Common sense election laws were passed in the state of Georgia back in early 2020. The state believes it has the right to set up its election laws for the will of the people of Georgia, superseding federal law HR1.

Biden deemed the Georgia law “unconstitutional” on false claims. Not only did Georgia set up widely supported legislation, but it also expanded voter’s rights, making voting easier for Georgian citizens.


Weaponization occurs in two ways. The explicit partisan actions listed above are one way, and the lack of action by the DOJ towards its own Democratic party is another.

There have been unpunished crimes against abortion crisis pregnancy centers perpetrated by the far-leaning pro-choice movement. Countless church bombings by the anti-religious also barely get a head nod by the DOJ.

The Raging Patriot would also like to add that the DOJ has completely turned a blind eye to Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. And don’t get us started on the Clintons!

These are just a few examples of a weaponized DOJ. Keep tuning in to the Raging Patriot to be informed on further abuses of power.