Pennsylvania Newspaper Questions Democrat John Fetterman’s Mental Fitness To Serve In The Senate


Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman suffered a stroke a few months ago and it has had a serious effect on his ability to communicate.

Since then, his campaign has been accused of hiding him from the public. He has also been reluctant to debate his Republican opponent Dr. Oz.

Now even some media outlets are starting to raise questions about his fitness for office.

Townhall reports:

Pittsburgh Editorial Board Questions Fetterman’s Fitness for Office

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette cut through the noise of the Keystone State’s messy U.S. Senate battle in an editorial on Tuesday highlighting, again, the obvious questions voters have about Democrat John Fetterman’s fitness for office following overstated expectations from his aides that have not been fulfilled.

The piece by the PG Editorial Board points out that the current Pennsylvania Lt. Governor “has not fully recovered from the serious stroke he suffered in May” just as primary voters chose Fetterman as their candidate for November’s general election.

“His campaign has acknowledged his obvious struggles with ‘auditory processing’ and speech, but the persistence of those struggles has contrasted with the campaign’s rosier predictions of a return to the rigors of campaigning, including debating his opponent, Mehmet Oz,” the editorial continues before saying what seems obvious:

“If Mr. Fetterman is not well enough to debate his opponent, that raises serious concerns about his ability to serve as a United States senator.” You think?
Fetterman has refused to agree to a series of debates proposed by GOP nominee Mehmet Oz, continually making excuses about anything other than the notable issues Fetterman continues to struggle with after being absent from the campaign trail for the first few months following Pennsylvania’s primary.

He really doesn’t seem well.